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Cell Phone Pouch Description


Original Cell Phone Pouch

Size of Pouch: 110 mm x 55 mm
Details: Carabiner and Neckband included
Material: Cotton/Polyester Mix
Weight: approx. 32g

Info: Logo is printed on flexible PVC attached to the front of pouch.

Option 1: We can deliver a customized lanyard instead of the neckband.
Option 2: We can deliver customized sized pouch!


We produce on demand - other forms possible!

We offer the pouch also in iPhone style (without carabin and neckband). Use the pouch as mp3-Player, camera bag, or for other mobile devices. Anyway, what you sack in the pouch, we provide the best job to make your dream bag.



Logo can be multicolored and divided into small sections. Colors in the logo can not merge. Lines and forms filigree compounded small as 0.2 mm.