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GSM is used by over 3 billion people across more than 212 countries and territories.

Wikipedia, April 2010

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Phone Pouche for your advertising

The kultsox (*) cell phone pouch - an advertising gimmick that answers to the signs of the times! Develop together with us your customised cell phone pouch for distribution at trade fairs, exhibitions or to give it away as a corporate gift. Upon request we customize the cell phone pouch best align with your product; e.g. we create the cell phone pouch accurate to your dimension fitting the average cell phone, the latest iphone, upcoming smart phones or the new iPad generation. Our universally usable cell phone pouch featuring your advertisement works with any handheld device - true to size and striking!

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We customize according to your needs! Your logo on the kultsox cell phone pouch - we are your partner.

  • Production starting at 100 pieces
  • Your slogan or logo on the kultsox cell phone pouch
  • Upon request, your logo in rubber; e.g. made of PVC
  • Your cell phone pouch in the color of your choice
  • Crafted on demand, individually and true to size
  • Production of special sizes possible
  • Excellent quality at a fair price
  • The advertising trend 2010


kultsox (*)
The term "cult" is used in colloquial German to describe something cool and trendy.
The term "sox" is slang for "Socke" which means sock.